Enterprise Solutions

In the fast growing and ever demanding world of enterprise business requirements, customers look for an experienced and reliable partner who can not only implement their enterprise software or applications, to provide complete analysis, solution and support to optimize business processes and collaborate across the supply chain better.

We will help the business to the next level. Our industry aligned technology architects provide solutions that work and that add exceptional value.

We understand business intricacy; we know our technology and we know how to bring this knowledge and understanding together to provide end-to end domain specific intuitive strategic solutions.


Improving collaboration and streamlining shared business processes are key initiatives to remaining competitive and productive. Compliance regulations and litigations are also driving the need for solutions. IBRM team of highly skilled architects and engineers can design, deliver, deploy, manage and support your business solution.

Our design is to improve individual and organizational productivity by quickly connecting people with the right information.

With IBRM customization, we help the organization to gain and manage knowledge across disparate islands of information within one platform and convert the information to organizational knowledge. Organization will empower their employees when they collaborate more effectively and are able to streamline business processes.

  • Search – Quickly connect people with the right information.

    • Search files shares and internal and external web sites.
    • Identify people with the desired knowledge and experience.
    • Manage your search solutions with permission trimming capability.
    • Search LOB applications such as CRM and ERP and expose the data in a simple and familiar UI.
    • Quickly and easily connect to applications and services using the Open Search standard in enterprise search with federated search connectors.
  • Share – Convert insight into organizational knowledge.

    • A rich, personalized aggregation point (My Sites) for user needs, application and information.
    • Portals help to build communities and promote knowledge sharing.
    • A common user interface across enterprise content management capabilities: document management, records, management web content management and eForms.
    • Customized workflows will increase productivity by streamlining processes like approvals and web content development.
  • Collaborate – Simplify how people work together, and help them more effectively apply information to their needs.

    • Collaborative workspaces, a versatile technology for collaboration and the foundation or business applications, which empower teams to work together and cooperate more effectively.
    • Social computing tools to enable communities and connect people, teams, and expertise.
    • Wiki’s, blogs, and team discussion boards to enable ad-hoc information sharing
    • Support for business process integration, connecting, enhancing, and reusing organizational assets

Business Performance improvement

Optimize business performance across the enterprise.

We understand the importance of being able to drive better decision making throughout the organization. We also understand that the foundation to successful decision making is accessing manageable data that is easy to understand. Let us show you how to deliver concrete, comprehensive and secure data throughout business enterprise that will help the organization to achieve their corporate objectives and enable to retain organization competitive advantage.

Implementing IBRM Business intelligence (BI) solution will improve business performance within the organization. By providing flexibility along with functionality, organization will be able to easily navigate through and combine both structured and unstructured data that you need to make well informed decisions.

  • With a stronger alignment of your infrastructure, people and process we can help you trust organization data, insight and decisions through:

    • Data Integration
    • Data Warehousing
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
    • Analysis
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Scorecards & Dashboards
    • Planning & Budgeting
    • Delivery
    • Enterprise Search

Our strong appreciation for the various needs of an organization guides our teams of architects and engineers toward creating BI solutions based on the structure of an enterprise. We can provide the framework and functionality to support personal and team decision making – all the way up to supporting the finest corporate processes.