Possessing deep domain expertise our engineers work together on solving complex problems and building solutions.

We rely on a user-driven agile development approach that combines user centered design with test driven development. Working in wide-open collaborative spaces, we develop scalable, reliable, supportable applications that meet our clients’ needs. Across multiple technologies, from web applications to desktop applications, from SaaS platforms to iPhone applications – we can build, implement, deploy, manage and support your custom application.

Maximizing technologies such as Microsoft, Java,, PHP and Csharp we leverage our expertise while constantly exploring additional industry solutions that can offer an optimal blend of global resourcing to meet your business objectives.

Our development engagement methodology is designed as a comprehensive process:



Our E-marketing refers to the use of the Internet and digital media capabilities to help sell other organizational products or services. These digital technologies are a valuable addition to traditional marketing approaches regardless of the size and type of a business.

As with conventional marketing, e-marketing is creating a strategy that helps businesses deliver the right messages and product/services to the right audience. It consists of all activities and processes with the purpose of finding, attracting, winning and retaining customers. What has changed is its wider scope and options compared to conventional marketing methods.

E-marketing is deemed to be broad in scope, because it not only refers to marketing and promotions over the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media. E-marketing also embraces the management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and several other business management functions.

E-marketing joins creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising and sales. It includes the use of a website in combination with online promotional techniques such as search engine marketing (SEM), social medial marketing, interactive online ads, online directories, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing and so on. The digital technologies used as delivery and communication mediums within the scope of e-marketing include:

Internet media such as websites and e-mail

Digital media such as wireless, mobile, cable and satellite

Global Staffing

IBRM have resourcing of highly skilled, sophisticated and innovative professionals to some of the largest enterprises in the country. Our extensive network of IT professionals helps improve organizational agility by supplying the necessary flexibility to take on new challenges.

Our staffing model that comprises fast turn-around and robust recruiting methodology gives us access to some of the finest talent in the industry, allowing us to deliver an unmatched level of service to our clients.

A global organization, we leverage the technical domain expertise and business acumen of our consultants 24/7.

IBRM philosophy is apparent in our staff with their “never say never” attitude and total commitment to meeting business objectives.

  • From project management to integration and testing; development to implementation, we can support your needs with top-notch IT professionals.

    • Business & System Analysts
    • Research and Design Analysts
    • Software Architects
    • User Experience Specialists
    • Database Designers, Developers and Admins
    • Network & Infrastructure Admins
    • Creative & Knowledgeable Technical Writers
    • Technical Support Specialists
    • Customer Support Specialists


We understand your organization, events and your dream, and towards that we help you to pledge the trade mark in a form of Insignia & Logo. A logo is for inspiring trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product or a personality and it is our duty to identity the same and provide the best. A Core team of expertise will take this challenge as mentioned below and will provide the same in a short of time without cost effective.

  • In short, Our Insignia & Logo design process usually consists of:

    • The Design Brief
    • Research and Brainstorming
    • Sketching
    • Prototyping and Conceptualizing
    • Send to Client for Review
    • Revise and Add Finishing Touches
    • Supply Files to Client and Provide Customer Service

Let’s make a move and we will help you to pledge the trade mark in the world.


Development Design and Network Analysis

We will help you maximize performance and minimize risk so that you can deliver a significant return on your network and infrastructure investment. Our solutions and services leverage inter-connectivity between multi-location offices, flexibility of platforms, applications software and smooth transfer of data. We deliver comprehensive management and migration capabilities that simplify, automate and secure your infrastructure

  • We provide:

    • Networking and infrastructure support
    • Maintenance
    • Customer Service
    • Project deployment
    • Environment upgrading and infrastructural requirements that produce stable, scalable and reliable environments

System Integration

An enterprise using multiple IT systems can result in inefficiencies, confusion and lack of productivity.
IBRM team of integration experts will transform your infrastructure, resulting in cost savings, streamlined processes and increased efficiencies that will contribute toward aligning and meeting your corporate objectives across the entire enterprise including CRM, HR, finance and supply chain.

IBRM systems integration services can help you solve business challenges. Our expertise in utilizing emerging technologies combined with our insight and highly skilled team of software consultants allows us to deliver the best quality and most cost-effective enterprise system


Developing and implementing your software solution is only part of our job.

Working together, our Industry aligned engineers provide maintenance and lifecycle support solutions that work for your business. We understand technology and we know how to bring this knowledge and understanding together to provide exceptional support to your enterprise. Determining the most cost effective maintenance agreement, we will allow you to do away with time consuming routine software maintenance and enable you to focus on your core competency.